Foreign universities feel the squeeze

Middle Eastern governments’ decisions to make their scholarship programmes more academically selective will be felt across the global higher education sector.

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Published in bq, April 2016


Kenya hotbed for cyber criminals

International cyber criminals seem to have targeted Kenya as a promising base for their activities. Hackers have been cutting a swathe through digital platforms and electronic payment systems. The country is losing around $20m a year through cybercrime – but the authorities are now cracking down hard.

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Published in African Banker, Quarter 1, 2015

Taking the spice out of cloves?

Cloves were once worth more than gold and the native spice has been a mainstay of Zanzibar’s economy for the last 150 years. But frustration is growing among farmers in the island and neighbouring Pemba about a battle between the public and private sector which is reducing their incomes and losing Tanzania its dominant position in the world market. Is government intervention a recipe for disaster?

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Published in African Business, January 2015

Patent experience

More than a year has passed since a shy Emirati student and her two colleagues of UAE University made international headlines for inventing a system that allows a disabled person to drive a vehicle using only their feet. But little has happened in the last three years, despite her university’s best efforts to facilitate the process, spotlighting whether the GCC is truly ready to become a regional hub for innovation and intellectual property matters.

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Published in bq, December 23 2014

Globus, Jubilee tie up to boost pan-African insurance

The appointment of Kenya’s Jubilee Insurance CEO, Patrick Tumbo, as a director of the largely West African-dominated pan-African Globus Network, marks a significant new era of increased East-West African financial partnership. Kenya’s insurance sector has already recorded the highest growth rate in Africa and the second-highest in the world and profits have been excellent. Could this be the end of Africa’s notoriously low insurance penetration rates?

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Published in African Banker, November 2014

Milking opportunities

Global demand for milk is expected to outstrip supply over the next decade. In Africa, milk productivity is still far below the global average but efforts are being made to raise this considerably and the private sector is showing the way.

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Published in African Business, November 2014

Content is more than filling the booths with products

Global revenue from trade shows is expected to rise by more than USD 7bn to USD 37.6bn in 2018, according to PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018. And as the sector picks up speed, Middle East businesses are riding the wave of the region’s increased appeal as an exhibition destination. bq spoke to Simon Mellor, President of dmg events in the Middle East and Asia, one of leading exhibition companies in the region.

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Published in bq, October 16 2014