Shift in strategy required to satisfy GCC skills shortage

Despite dedicating an average of 20% of their national budgets to the education sector, the GCC labour force continues to be ill equipped to meet the economy’s needs, consequently extending their reliance on skilled foreign labour. Two reports have been released in the last six months, which focus on the education sector, and both blame local educational institutions for the calibre of GCC graduates being produced.

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Published on bq, August 11 2014


Former World Bank executive prospers in clothing venture

After specialising in international development and poverty alleviation, Wandia Gichuru spent 15 years working with the United Nations, World Bank and UK government.

But despite a high profile career at the most influential and best funded organisations in the world, her Aha moment only came when she opened a retail clothing store in Nairobi called Vivo Activewear.

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Published in Business Daily, February 25 2014

Talks aim to heal sector

Nairobi will be hosting the third chapter of the East African Healthcare Federation (EAHF) Conference at the Safari Park Hotel, from March 2 to March 4. The talks will cap a year in which Kenya experienced debilitating strikes by health workers amid reports of a polio outbreak and subsequent declaration of a national emergency,

The conference which is to be held in Kenya for the first time – previously held in Kampala and Dar es Salaam – is themed “Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa” and will bring together Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Burundi.

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Published by Nairobi Business Monthly, February 2014

Who’s laughing now?

Tanzania has borne the brunt of a fair share of jokes which mock its excessively polite dialect of Kiswahili compared to the brash, dictatorial version Kenyans speak; and its lack of aggression in business matters which has seen the Tanzanian market flooded with Kenyan companies and talent.

Published in African Business, February 2014

Lifestyle managers target city slickers

As waistlines bulge and arteries clog – a direct result of urbanisation and an unhealthy lifestyle – the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in Kenya is rapidly increasing, and it is a statistic that concerns Dr Loise Nyanjau.

1 out of 3 Nairobians suffer from a non communicable disease such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes, says the medical practitioner who is based at the Spinal Injury Hospital in Nairobi, and it is a number she can put a face to as patients stream into and out of her office.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, September 2013

Two entrepreneurs roll out healthy food plan to curb lifestyle diseases

It seems like a contradiction of sorts: the idea of meals being delivered to your doorstep in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. But it is a little more intricate than that. It is about making healthy living more convenient.

Lifestyle, or non-communicable, diseases are the leading causes of death in Kenya and Loise Nyanjau, 29, who works at the Spinal Injury Hospital in Hurlingham believes the high prevalence is a direct symptom of urbanisation.

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Published in Business Daily, August 27 2013