Colour your world with Holi

The Hindu festival of Holi, which takes place this year on March 17, is an incredibly beautiful one.

Puffs of colour hover in the air. Coloured powder is sprinkled all over everyone. And buckets of coloured water are splashed around. So it isn’t surprising that Holi has become one of the most popular festivals portrayed in Bollywood movies.

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Published in Business Daily, March 14 2013


The taste and aftertaste of the SAMOSA festival

My article on the birth and growth of the SAMOSA festival which was published in the October issue of the Nairobi Law Monthly attracted two interesting reactions.

The first was a patronising condescension which correlated the passion with which the article had been written to my being an Asian Kenyan. The interest I had shown in the continued misrepresentation of the Asian community was  directly attributed to my ethnicity, and it told me very clearly that racial stereotypes continued to abound in our country, and that many still believed that the distorted representation of the Asian community was simply that: the distorted representation of the Asian community, with no bearing on any other Kenyan group.

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Published in AwaaZ, January 2013

Lack of a cinema culture in Kenya poses challenge

What has the Kenyan International Film Festival (KIFF) achieved in the last seven years?

Seven years ago, we didn’t know that locally produced films existed in Kenya. In 2005, at the first edition. the Kenyan documentary “Mo and me” by Salim Amin won seven awards across the world. In 2006, KIFF was the launching pad for ‘‘Kibera Kid’’, which has since won over a dozen awards. The first Kenyan science fiction film, Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu was also premiered at KIFF, as was ‘‘The First Grader. ‘‘

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Published in Business Daily, October 25 2012

The Reawakening Of The Asian Community

The Asian community in Kenya has been depicted as a group of dukawallahs: businessmen who apply shrewd strategies to grow their business but prefer to keep all other areas of their lives secret.

The achievements that Asians have made and continue to achieve in other spheres of society are often downplayed, whether it is their solidarity with fellow freedom fighters in the struggle for independence, their aspirations for political leadership or their foray into sports and media.

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Published in Business Daily, October 2012

Celebrating Kenya’s diversity at Samosa

Everyone knows what a samosa is but few have thought about how ubiquitous the food form has become popular globally yet its essentials of three points remain the same.

It’s this idea which gave birth to the SAMOSA festival in Kenya. SAMOSA stands for the South Asian Mosaic of Society and the Arts. The biannual event is a celebration of Kenya’s African, Eastern and Western heritages.

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Published in Business Daily, September 20 2012