Fear of the unknown best conquered in twos

Climb BlueSky is East Africa’s first indoor rock climbing gym and it boasts 6,000 square feet of faux-rock climbing surfaces that have been erected at a maximum height of 9 metres. Each plywood wall – reinforced with steel – is dotted with colourful holds made from synthetic mate- rial to mimic the shapes and textures one might find on real rock.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, ,February 2013


Bikram Yoga is the new sport in town

The wooden panelled floor felt cool under my feet as I walked into the steamy Bikram Yoga studio.

With four mirrors reflecting the participants, I could see four reflections of myself. The early birds were already warming up and they smiled at the nervous look on my face, as I was confronted by my image on the four mirrors.

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Published in Business Daily, September 20 2012

Natural secrets to better health for the busy worker

With exercise becoming important as the way to good health, sports medicine therapists are encouraging physical activity and providing suitable exercise routines. “One formula applies to all human movements whether you are an office worker or an industrial worker. Only when it is about an advanced level of performance that it is associated particularly with athletes,” says Mr Zul Devji, therapist at the Sports Medicine Centre in Nairobi.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, June 2012

Bollywood gigs break into fitness clubs

Romance, in traditional Indian culture, is all about sensuality and suggestion.

In Bollywood movies, it is depicted with flirtatious glances, indirect kisses and coquettish foot chases.

But it’s the dance sequences that really turn up the heat with their hypnotic hip swaying and spine curving movements, which are both graceful and subtly erotic.

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Published in Business Daily, April 26 2012