The silver lining of new hotel in Parklands area

Nairobi’s latest luxury hotel is incongruously perched on the 9th floor of the Diamond Plaza shopping mall in Highridge.

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Published in Business Daily, December 13 2013


The reason for the success of Seasons

Daniel Talengo Ole Kiptunen, proprietor of Seasons Restaurant and Hotels, has been described as a Maasai elite. It is a definition that suggests that the success of his hospitality franchise was handed to him on a silver platter.

The truth is that Kiptunen’s story is one of the carefully considered risks of an entrepreneur. Threaded through his business ventures is his ability to visualise a future before it has happened.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, December 2012

Domestic tourism: the final frontier for local entrepreneurs

In 2003, Bruce Madete named the dream cottages that he wanted to build on the 2.5 acres of his land in Gisambai, Western Kenya, Sosa cottages, from the Luhya word to rest or relax.

The concept: a boutique hotel of seven cottages with peaked roofs, emulating the local African hut design but made from modern materials, was not an easy sell to financial institutions. Mr Madete approached more than 10 main- stream banks and was turned away because “they couldn’t visualise the cash projections for such a project, and the hospitality industry

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, December 2012

Kenya Airways adds hotel inventory to hotel offerings 

Anyone planning a trip abroad where they are not staying with relatives or friends knows only too well the stress of finding suitable accommodation that’s comfortable and not too hard on the pocket.

What most people will think of doing in such a situation is start with a blind internet search in the hope of making an online booking – probably not aware that they could be exposing themselves to online transaction fraud and identity theft.

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Published in Business Daily, July 19 2012

KTDC bails out small investors in the hotel industry

Potential investors in the hotel business are often put off by the high initial costs. They need loads of money to put up dining rooms, lodges, kitchens, and even gyms and furnish them.

But this is not all, they too must hire qualified staff and proceed to buy food, prepare meals, and lure guests to their establishments.

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Published in Business Daily, February 13 2012