Free for all in E African construction frenzy

While East Africa’s public sector is focusing on mega infrastructure projects in transport and energy, local investment groups are taking control of commercial and residential real estate as a construction flurry grips Eastern Africa.

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Published in African Business, August/ September 2014


China outflanks Western investors

China has acted quickly to finance two multi-billion dollar tenders in Kenya and construction of a multitude of others. While this has angered other international and local investors, they have been slow to put their money where their mouths are.

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Published in African Business, July 2014

Who’s laughing now?

Tanzania has borne the brunt of a fair share of jokes which mock its excessively polite dialect of Kiswahili compared to the brash, dictatorial version Kenyans speak; and its lack of aggression in business matters which has seen the Tanzanian market flooded with Kenyan companies and talent.

Published in African Business, February 2014

The power of three

It is a truth universally acknowledged that: when a new technology enters the market, a dozen counterfeits will follow. The challenge is to spot the real McCoy among the fakes. And it is an indomitable task in real estate simply because by the time the cracks begin to show, it is too late.

Panel technology, although prevalent outside Africa, arrived in Kenya recently. The Americans call it space frame or panel point; the English Sipcrete; the Austrians EVG and the Germans Schnell. But in simple terms it is the use of panels to make buildings.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, July 2013

Build a home for less than Sh1 million

Did you know that you could build a two bed roomed house anywhere in Kenya for under Sh1 million?

It doesn’t seem feasible, especially in a country where property prices are sky rocketing. But it is an innovative approach to housing – a combination of local materials with internationally approved designs – that could radically alter the future of Kenya’s housing market, and be the solution to the country’s perennial housing shortages.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, March 2013