Kenya hotbed for cyber criminals

International cyber criminals seem to have targeted Kenya as a promising base for their activities. Hackers have been cutting a swathe through digital platforms and electronic payment systems. The country is losing around $20m a year through cybercrime – but the authorities are now cracking down hard.

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Published in African Banker, Quarter 1, 2015


Globus, Jubilee tie up to boost pan-African insurance

The appointment of Kenya’s Jubilee Insurance CEO, Patrick Tumbo, as a director of the largely West African-dominated pan-African Globus Network, marks a significant new era of increased East-West African financial partnership. Kenya’s insurance sector has already recorded the highest growth rate in Africa and the second-highest in the world and profits have been excellent. Could this be the end of Africa’s notoriously low insurance penetration rates?

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Published in African Banker, November 2014

Can Kenya’s NSSF handle new weight?

Kenya’s National Social Security Fund, set up in the 1960s to provide pensions and other retirement benefits, has lurched from crisis to crisis. Under new legislation, the pot under its control could amount to $2bn annually. Can this body effectively manage funds of this scale?

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Published in African Business, August/ September 2014

Adding polish to Kenya’s leather industry

Kenya’s once thriving leather industry has fallen on hard times, largely as a result of poor government regulation. But a change of mindset and a new strategy could see Kenya becoming a regional hub in the near future to take its fair share of the global trade, which is worth $78bn.

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Published in African Business, August/ September 2014

De Silva lining of venture capitalism

To look at him today, no one would guess the demons that Kenya’s youngest venture capitalist Heshan de Silva has battled with. He is the picture of health as he sits on the patio of his home in Lavington, a green, high-income residential suburb of Nairobi, relaxed and self-assured in a pair of drainpipe jeans and a red and white patterned shirt.

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Published in African Banker, 3rd quarter 2014

Goan community emerges from the shadows with Matata trilogy

Kenya’s Goan community features in the literature of many Kenyan, British and Canadian authors, but contrary to the central role that the country’s one-time sizable Goan community played, in Kenyan history they appear primarily as props.

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Published in Business Daily, July 4 2014

China outflanks Western investors

China has acted quickly to finance two multi-billion dollar tenders in Kenya and construction of a multitude of others. While this has angered other international and local investors, they have been slow to put their money where their mouths are.

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Published in African Business, July 2014