Solo fighting by cyber knights not enough to protect GCC networks

The world’s leading security experts have set up base in the Middle East to help combat network threats, but local cyber knights say the region continues to be at high risk. Especially since most telecom companies in the region are more focused on imposing morality filters rather than protecting against potential attacks.

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Published in bq, August 27 2014


Kenyan Asian designers: designing Kenya’s cultural future

It is no coincidence that words like fabric and tapestry are used to describe society when the ways in which different coloured threads – each with their own history and experiences – combined in a single material best represent society’s interwoven nature.

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Published in AwaaZ magazine, Volume 11, Issue 1 2014

The Magic of MG Vassanji



For an East African of South Asian descent, Moyez Vassanji’s books can induce a trance-like state. It is provoked by the deep introspection of reading about our own land, culture and people. And meeting Vassanji, when he visited Nairobi towards the end of January to launch his novel The Magic of Saida, intensified that cloudy, deja vu feeling. Like his writing, he too felt familiar; known.

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Published in AwaaZ magazine, Volume 11, Issue 1 2014

Unsettling questions about locals and strangers

Global historian Professor Gijsbert Oonk visited Kenya last month to make a public lecture on his latest book: Settled Strangers – Asian Business Elites in East Africa 1800-2000.

The talk was held at the National Museum, and organised by the Kenyan Asian Forum and AwaaZ magazine. It attracted a multi ethnic crowd including civil society activists, and local businessmen such as industrialist Dr Manu Chandaria.

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Published in The Nairobi Law Monthly, October 2013