Kenyan Asian designers: designing Kenya’s cultural future

It is no coincidence that words like fabric and tapestry are used to describe society when the ways in which different coloured threads – each with their own history and experiences – combined in a single material best represent society’s interwoven nature.

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Published in AwaaZ magazine, Volume 11, Issue 1 2014


High fashion lingerie proves a hard sell in Kenya

Red, pink and luminous green triangles of lace cling to the curves of truncated mannequins in the store front window of Sapph at the Galleria mall. A large A0 poster of a half naked woman glistens from behind the reception wall.

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Published in Business Daily, May 2 2014

Fashion convergence by Kush B

Kush B made her mark on the Kenyan fashion scene two years ago with a tribal inspired collection.

From the gladiator bra, purse designed to look like a shield, leather and sari tape sandals and a skirt made from hessian, chiffon and leather, the outfit was unlike any other at the Africa Fashion Week 2012 catwalk.

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Published in Business Daily, February 6 2014

Flower power builds a top fashion brand

For Kenyan born fashion designer Deepa Dosaja, it started with a single flower.

She hand drew and painted a bunch of them onto a piece of light material using vibrant colours; trimmed the edges with thread embroidery, beads and sequins; and voila: it was her first design using a distinctive flower pattern.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and the piece still holds pride of place in her Riverside showroom. Today, that same flower has become the signature of her brand, and has precipitated the trajectory of the Deepa Dosaja fashion label.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, November 2013

Executive Interview: Ann McCreath, Kiko Romeo

All doubts about the profitability of Kenya’s creative industry were put to bed last month when the five year old Fashion for Festival and Arts attracted a Sh3million sponsorship from the Commercial Bank of Africa. That phased into a series of workshops at Riara University which saw the country’s leading capitalists – including business mogul Chris Kirubi, money market investor Aly-Khan Satchu, technocrat Bitange Ndemo – advise young entrepreneurs on how to build a strong business.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, September 2013

A fashion label from the President’s son

Muhoho Kenyatta, the 17-year old son of President Uhuru Kenyatta, is the creative brains behind the youngest design group to showcase at tonight’s inaugural Kenya Fashion Week.

Mo, as he is popularly known to his friends, is co-founder of the Nomadic brand and first designed a pair of trousers from khanga material two years ago.

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Published in Daily Nation, August 23 2013

A very stylish battle for Kenya And Israel

When Kenyan fashion designers participated in the Israeli Embassy’s celebration of 50 years in Kenya, the result was surprising.

Far from showcasing the beauty of two starkly different cultures that have worked together over the last 50 years, the event highlighted one country’s thriving fashion design industry in contrast to another’s struggles.

Three Israeli designers – Kadem Sasson, Oved Cohen and Liora Taragan – who have participated in global fashion shows shared the Safari Fashion Explosion catwalk at KICC’s Tsavo Ballroom with eight Kenyan designers, many of whom were participating at their first international exhibition.

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Published in The Nairobi Law Monthly, June 2013