Half of Ramadan feast will end up in the trash

The eyes are bigger than the stomach goes the adage, and it illustrates how society’s wants often exceeds its needs. The proverb takes on new wisdom in light of the increased amounts of food waste being generated across the Middle East. And with the holy month of Ramadan less than a fortnight away – a time when more food waste is produced than any other time in the year – concerns about the true economic cost are filling some people’s plates.

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Published in bq, June 18 2014


Nairobi restaurants, the best in Africa?

When Nairobi hosted its inaugural Restaurant Week in early February, it joined the ranks of the world’s top culinary cities and marked its arrival on the international stage of gourmet cuisine.

Fifty high-end restaurants opened their doors for eight days, and slashed their rates to three courses for between Sh1,250 and Sh1,750 ($14-$20). The event attracted overwhelming numbers. Some venues did five times the volume they normally do, and the top-booked customer ate at 13 restaurants in eight days.

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Published in African Business, April 2014

Nairobi joins world’s top culinary cities

Fifty restaurants will participate in Nairobi’s inaugural Restaurant Week as Kenya’s capital joins a global phenomenon that counts among its ranks New York City, Cape Town, London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The event will consolidate Nairobi’s position as the gastronomy capital of the region.
Mr Mikul Shah, Director of EatOut and event partner said, “I got the idea when I went to Restaurant Week in New York a few years back. I had just started EatOut and last year I felt that Nairobi was ready for its own Restaurant Week. And with the 50 years Golden Jubilee, the timing was perfect to launch the first Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW) with 50 establishments.”

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, February 2014

Two entrepreneurs roll out healthy food plan to curb lifestyle diseases

It seems like a contradiction of sorts: the idea of meals being delivered to your doorstep in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. But it is a little more intricate than that. It is about making healthy living more convenient.

Lifestyle, or non-communicable, diseases are the leading causes of death in Kenya and Loise Nyanjau, 29, who works at the Spinal Injury Hospital in Hurlingham believes the high prevalence is a direct symptom of urbanisation.

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Published in Business Daily, August 27 2013

Schoolmates turn cooking date into thriving food business

When one afternoon Esmeralda De Souza asked her schoolmate and trainee chef, Spencer Foundamiere to show her how to bake a black forest cake, it was just for the love of cooking.

But that single afternoon spent baking spawned a business idea, beginning with a one-off agreement to provide catering services to an annual general meeting.

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Printed in Business Daily, February 27 2013

Local enterprise adds spice to the Pret a Manger model

The Good Food Company, Kenya’s venture into the internationally celebrated Pret a Manger concept, is designed to satisfy in a modern society where instant gratification – in a healthy and affordable way – is the flavour of the day.

The concept of Pret a Manger was developed in 1983 in London when Jeffrey Hyman opened the first Pret a Manger. Coined from the fashion phrase Pret a Porter (ready to wear), Pret a Manger (ready to eat) prepares gourmet food in a ready to eat format and the idea took the British consumer market by storm.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, February 2013

The food chain in the restaurants business

Upon completing his Masters degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Nairobi, James Muriithi Kinoti travelled to Dubai to work as a sales engineer. But even as he was absorbed into the cosmopolitan workforce of the Middle East desert city, his eyes strayed to the small restaurants that dotted its urban landscape and in this most infertile of landscapes, an idea began to germinate.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, November 2012