Globus, Jubilee tie up to boost pan-African insurance

The appointment of Kenya’s Jubilee Insurance CEO, Patrick Tumbo, as a director of the largely West African-dominated pan-African Globus Network, marks a significant new era of increased East-West African financial partnership. Kenya’s insurance sector has already recorded the highest growth rate in Africa and the second-highest in the world and profits have been excellent. Could this be the end of Africa’s notoriously low insurance penetration rates?

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Published in African Banker, November 2014


The Magic of MG Vassanji



For an East African of South Asian descent, Moyez Vassanji’s books can induce a trance-like state. It is provoked by the deep introspection of reading about our own land, culture and people. And meeting Vassanji, when he visited Nairobi towards the end of January to launch his novel The Magic of Saida, intensified that cloudy, deja vu feeling. Like his writing, he too felt familiar; known.

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Published in AwaaZ magazine, Volume 11, Issue 1 2014

Talks aim to heal sector

Nairobi will be hosting the third chapter of the East African Healthcare Federation (EAHF) Conference at the Safari Park Hotel, from March 2 to March 4. The talks will cap a year in which Kenya experienced debilitating strikes by health workers amid reports of a polio outbreak and subsequent declaration of a national emergency,

The conference which is to be held in Kenya for the first time – previously held in Kampala and Dar es Salaam – is themed “Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa” and will bring together Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Burundi.

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Published by Nairobi Business Monthly, February 2014

The Reawakening Of The Asian Community

The Asian community in Kenya has been depicted as a group of dukawallahs: businessmen who apply shrewd strategies to grow their business but prefer to keep all other areas of their lives secret.

The achievements that Asians have made and continue to achieve in other spheres of society are often downplayed, whether it is their solidarity with fellow freedom fighters in the struggle for independence, their aspirations for political leadership or their foray into sports and media.

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Published in Business Daily, October 2012