Nairobi restaurants, the best in Africa?

When Nairobi hosted its inaugural Restaurant Week in early February, it joined the ranks of the world’s top culinary cities and marked its arrival on the international stage of gourmet cuisine.

Fifty high-end restaurants opened their doors for eight days, and slashed their rates to three courses for between Sh1,250 and Sh1,750 ($14-$20). The event attracted overwhelming numbers. Some venues did five times the volume they normally do, and the top-booked customer ate at 13 restaurants in eight days.

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Published in African Business, April 2014


New entry ups stakes in high-end cuisine scene

Las Vegas’ Light Group and its Dubai partner Caramel Group have selected Nairobi as the first African city where it will open its high-end Caramel Lounge and Restaurant.

The entry of the opulent American restaurant brand will bring a new level of luxury to the city’s restaurant scene, and will consolidate Nairobi’s position as the gastronomy capital of the sub-Saharan region.

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Published in Business Daily, March 21 2014

A bite of Brazil

Thirty two year old Brazilian chef Erik Nako is the flavour fiend who orchestrated the culinary festivities at last month’s Brazil in Eastern Africa Expo.

He trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, and today owns a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro called Prima Bruschetteria, which speciaises in the distinctive Italian appetisers of Antipasto and Bruschetta.

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Published in Nairobi Business Monthly, August 2013

Eastern culture and cuisine at the Bar.B.Q

Buzkashi is often compared to polo because in both games players are on horseback and propel an object towards a goal. Polo is played with a ball while Buzkashi is played with a headless goat carcass.

This might sound gruesome, but it’s Afghanistan’s national sport and paintings of Buzkashi decorate the walls of Bar.B.Q Tonight, Nairobi’s recent barbeque restaurant. With rich amber and burgundy colours, the paintings blend easily with the earthy feel of the restaurant’s wooden furniture.

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Published in Business Daily, September 6 2012