Going nuts over cashew

Tanzania is one of the largest producers of cashewnuts in Africa and with the world demand for this commodity set to expand substantially, the revenue potential is excellent. But a creaking marketing system and limited local value addition has meant that the real profits from the crop are made elsewhere. What should be done?

Published in African Business, October 2014



Kenyatta’s diplomatic chess moves

Kenya’s shuffling of its ambassadorial entourage in August may hint at a wider strategy designed to help the country recover from a series of events that have tarnished its international reputation. Or is it simply muscle flexing by the President?

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Published in African Business, October 2014

New realities of Arab-Africa trade

Africa’s growing middle class, its discoveries of oil and other natural resources, and predictions of double digit economic growth have initiated a new scramble for the continent. While the continent isn’t a new market for the Middle East – trade between the regions dates back to the 15th century – October’s Africa Global Business Forum in Dubai suggests the GCC does not want to be left behind in the race.

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Published in bq, September 15 2014

Solo fighting by cyber knights not enough to protect GCC networks

The world’s leading security experts have set up base in the Middle East to help combat network threats, but local cyber knights say the region continues to be at high risk. Especially since most telecom companies in the region are more focused on imposing morality filters rather than protecting against potential attacks.

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Published in bq, August 27 2014

Shift in strategy required to satisfy GCC skills shortage

Despite dedicating an average of 20% of their national budgets to the education sector, the GCC labour force continues to be ill equipped to meet the economy’s needs, consequently extending their reliance on skilled foreign labour. Two reports have been released in the last six months, which focus on the education sector, and both blame local educational institutions for the calibre of GCC graduates being produced.

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Published on bq, August 11 2014

Can Kenya’s NSSF handle new weight?

Kenya’s National Social Security Fund, set up in the 1960s to provide pensions and other retirement benefits, has lurched from crisis to crisis. Under new legislation, the pot under its control could amount to $2bn annually. Can this body effectively manage funds of this scale?

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Published in African Business, August/ September 2014